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Aromahead Institute

Artisan Lavender Mug

Artisan Lavender Mug

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Lavender Color

Introducing our exclusive collection of Missoula Valley Hand-Crafted Pottery. Inspired by the serene landscapes and the vibrant culture of Missoula, each of these mugs is hand-crafted to reflect the artistry and passion of the region. Adorned with exquisite lavender detailing, the mugs come alive in a mesmerizing glaze that captures the essence of a calm lavender field. Whether you're starting your day with a soothing tea or warming up with a robust coffee, these mugs promise to transform every sip into a luxurious experience. With their rustic elegance, they make a statement on any table, revealing a story with each unique design. A limited treasure from the heart of Missoula, these are not just mugs, but a piece of art that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship.

1 mug is included per order. If you want more than one option just add each option to your cart.

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